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All sugar flowers should be made using gumpaste, sugar paste, modelling chocolate, wafer paper, rice paper wraps or isomalt. Any other medium will not qualify for judging.

Sugar flowers can be presented on fondant covered styrofoam, a non-edible vase or any other creative container to create a unique presentation.

A variety of materials such as wires, floral-tape, stamens and threads can be used in the centres and for the stems of the flowers.

For the arrangement there should be at least 3 different flowers present, one of which should be a rose as well as 3 flowering stages for at least one of the flowers you choose ex. bud, half open flower and flower in full bloom.

Please no brand names or trademarked characters than may infringe copyright such as Disney, Louis Vuitton, Barbie etc. will be allowed.

Please indicate the actual flowers and leaves used in the entry.

3 Pictures are required:
1. A picture of working midway.
2. A picture of the final arrangement.
3. A picture of you with the arrangement.
* More detailed photos, close-up photos and photos of techniques used may be requested by the judges.

(Pictures of final project may not be posted on social media until the winner is announced, posting pictures before will result in elimination from the competition.)

To enter please follow these steps:
  1. Add this to your cart and checkout of the website.
  2. You will receive an email with an order number.
  3. Please forward that email with the order number to us and attach your pictures for entering (3 pictures required as specified above) or
    Send us your 3 pictures with your order number.
  4. Please email this to

*Please note: No late entries will be accepted & there will be no refunds once you have entered.

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