Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this competition only for South Africans?

All countries are allowed! This is open Internationally


I am a homebaker, can I enter?

We wanted to keep the competition open to home bakers and professionals, any skill level. This competition is open to anyone who loves to create beautiful cakes.


May I enter previous work?

We would prefer new work however if you have done a cake previously that suits the theme you may enter that cake but do not repost on social media while the competition is running.


Can you enter the same piece in multiple categories?

We do not allow the same entry for multiple categories.

If you choose to enter more than one category, they should be different cakes.


 Can I enter the same category more than once?

No, one entry per category


 Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you may.


What is blind judging?

Blind judging is when the judges do not know whose work they are judging, this helps to keep things fair. No favouritism or influences will affect the judging process. The Judges will ONLY receive the picture of your completed cake to judge.


Should all watermarks be removed?

Any work that is watermarked will not be sent to the Judges and disqualified.


Can I use royal icing on the cookies?

Yes, you may.


How will the scoring work?

Certificate of Merit (Score: between 3-4/10) No Cash Prize but will receive a Certificate

Bronze Certificate (Score: between 5-6/10) No Cash Prize but will receive a Certificate

Silver Certificate (Score: between 7-8/10) No Cash Prize but will receive a Certificate

Gold Certificate (Score: between 9-10/10) No Cash Prize but will receive a Certificate

The judges will choose a Gold winner to win 1st place supplied by the sponsor ( please read categories for the prizes)


Are there any rules I need to know about?

Cake Entries entered in different competitions anywhere in the world is NOT ALLOWED and will be disqualified.

Images posted on social media throughout the duration of the competition will be disqualified.

No refund will be given.

Please DO NOT send more than the number of pictures required.

You may submit your entries from 3 MAY- 1 September 2021


Can I post my progress work on social media?

No work may be posted on social media since this is the blind judging.

When the competition is over and winners are announced you may post your work.


I want to be a competitor, how do I pay?

If you are an international Competitor, you will need a PayPal account.

If you are a South African Competitor, you can do an EFT or Peach Payment.


How will judging work?

The Judges will receive a criteria sheet and each work will be given a mark out of 10.

We will then combine the score each judge had given the showpiece and that will be the piece total score.

The highest score will be the winner.


I paid for the category in the competition, but no longer want to participate and want a refund?

We appreciate your entry, but our terms and conditions for cake champions state, no refunds will be given for any entries made.