About Us

We are so excited!!

Crystal Candy is hosting a fourth-year of CAKE CHAMPIONS online cake designing competition to celebrate the skills and techniques of the ambitious cake designers around the world.


Crystal Candy has created this very spectacular annual event that will showcase the talents of the world’s cake artists and create an opportunity for creativity and growth as well as something to aim for and work for as a cake designer.

Cake Champions believe in encouraging our cake artists so we work on a point system where all contestants receive an award of gold silver or bronze and judges’ comments, This will hopefully show cake artist where they can improve and encourage them to learn and grow even more.

We believe competitions are the best way to learn and grow and we believe that by creating a cake for cake champions the cake artist will push themselves and learn more about themselves as artists, this is also a great opportunity to do something that the artist has always wanted to do.

We want cakers to be brave and step out of their comfort zones and they will be awarded and receive comments on their work.


This competition is open to cake designers all over the world.

Entries Are Now Open!!

Entries open: 5 AprilĀ  2023 | Entries Close: 31 August 2023